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This Delphi for PHP tutorial shows you step by step how to create a Delphi for PHP web application to update a MySQL database using AJAX.

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php : fixed generation with directories in -D php-front. For example -D php-front=sub/index.php (#10037)issues/. macro : added return type hint to haxe.macro.MacroStringTools.formatString (#9928). cs : fixed catching exceptions from static closures (#9957).

PHP 8.0.0 is benchmarked. Performances are a bit increased compared to PHP 7.4: 2.6%. Important information : JIT is not activated because we have PHP 7.4.2 benchmarks are available. Preload do not increase performances on the 7 benchmarked performed. PHP 7.4 is the fastest PHP version...The site owner hides the web page description.